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Arçelik TKM 9961 B Telve Copper Double Automatic Turkish Coffee Machine

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Arçelik Turkish Coffee Machine


  • Power : 1100 W
  • Cup Capacity: 6
  • Water Tank : Yes
  • Cook Sense Technology (Cooking Detection): Yes
  • Induction heating : Yes
  • Audible Warning: Yes


Induction Technology


Induction technology offers traditional coffee flavor by cooking the coffee at the ideal time and temperature. With the three-dimensional cooking technology that heats the coffee pot from all sides, the traditional Turkish coffee flavor is preserved in every cup.

Cooksense Technology


Cooksense foam level detection technology, with its sensitive foam detection system, ends the cooking when the coffee foam reaches the ideal level. It offers full foamy and full consistency Turkish coffee flavor in every cup. 

Stainless Steel Coffee Pots

Stainless steel coffee pots, which do not require additional care or precision of use, can be easily removed and cleaned after each use

1.5 Liter Water Tank

Thanks to the high-capacity internal water tank, the water filled in one go provides up to 20 cups of use. The BPA-free transparent water tank can be removed and cleaned in a practical way, and the water can be filled easily by opening the lid on the reservoir.

Arçelik TKM 9961 B Telve
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