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Korkmaz Kahvekolik Deluxe Twin Black/rosagold Coffee Machine

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  • 800W efficient energy consumption (1 unit is 400W, 800W in total.)
  • 4+4 cup coffee capacity
  • Automatic coffee making and shutdown when ready
  • stainless steel coffee pot
  • Temperature sensor and anti-overflow sensor
  • Automatic protection system when dehydrated
Thanks to Thermo Balance Technology, it works by controlling the heat power and preserves the coffee aroma and makes delicious coffees with the taste of embers.
With its Thermo Balance Technology, Kahvekolik Makes Delicious Coffee with the Taste of Roast!
"The most important secret of a delicious Turkish coffee is to cook it on low heat." The coffee that boils quickly in a high fire is cooked without taking its essence, in this case, Turkish coffee cannot add its delicious aroma to the coffee because it remains raw. Designed with Thermo Balance Technology, Kahvekolik operates at lower power and preserves the aroma of the coffee bean, making delicious coffee with the taste of embers.
Steel is Health
Another important feature of Kahvekolik is that it is a coffee machine with a steel coffee pot. With the steel coffee pot, which is the healthiest material used in the kitchen, materials such as plastic and aluminum do not come into contact with the coffee cooked in any way.

Korkmaz Kahvekolik Deluxe Twin Black/rosagold Coffee Machine Features

Adds elegance to kitchens with its retro design 1.7 lt water volume, 2150 Watt It boils your water in an average of 3 minutes at minimum level and 5 minutes at maximum level. Thanks to the retro temperature indicator, you can monitor the temperature of the water and heat your water by turning off the heater whenever you want. Automatically shuts off when water boils, It provides ease of use thanks to its 360-degree rotating base and wireless body, With the water level indicator, you can easily control the amount of water you will heat and save energy. LED light on / off button You can pour water without splashing thanks to the filter in the kettle nozzle. Stainless steel body

Korkmaz Kahvekolik Deluxe Twin
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