Bedinn Peshtemal Bathrobe Rainbow Pink-White

Bedinn Peshtemal Bathrobe Stripe Yellow-Navy Blue-Beige Standard Size

Peshtemal, which has been used in Turkish baths for centuries, is a legacy to world culture. Peshtemal Bathrobe It is woven on old looms with 100% cotton yarn. Peshtemal Bathrobe, which replaces the terry bathrobe with its fine texture, elegance and elegance, is very soft and light. A towel absorbs water as fast as a bathrobe and dries very quickly. It takes up little space in the travel time bag and is easy to carry. It is used on the beach, in the beach club, in the sauna, in the gym, in short, wherever people meet with water.

Wash at 30 degrees by hand or in the washing machine with plenty of water. Do not use bleach. Dry cleanable. Iron with a warm iron.

Bedinn Peshtemal
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