Tupperware Crystal Set of 8

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Tupperware Crystal Set of 8

3 x 275 ML (Crystalline Bowl)

1 x 1.5 LT (Crystalline Elevator)

1 x 1.1 LT

1 x 2.1 LT

1 x 3.5 LT

1 x Piece (Crystalline Butter Bowl)

Crystal Serving and Bowl Product Description

- They are products for preparation, transportation, storage and service.

- Thanks to its transparent body, you can easily see the food inside.

- It consists of serving containers of different sizes for you to prepare stylish treats.

- It is not heavy like glass and is resistant to breakage.

- You can use the crystal serving set upside down as a cake lantern.

- Do not put boiling or very hot food in the Kristalin Serving Set in order to preserve the elegance of the first day.

- Thanks to the lids of the Kristalin Service Set, you can safely store the food after serving.

- BPA free.

Tupperware Kristalin 8’li Set
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