Tupperware First Cup Set (Food plate - Wet wipes box - Boxed spoon)

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Tupperware My First Container Set

Silicone Base Both Grips The Plate And Prevents It From Spilling By Vacuuming The Table Or Highchair, The Plate Does Not Slip,

Your baby eats his own food comfortably

The Plate Part is a Special Production, Resistant to Hot and Cold, healthy.

Thanks to its antibacterial tight cover, it is suitable as a storage container, and because it does not leak, it is suitable for throwing in your bag and carrying.

It preserves the remaining food in the same freshness.

Tight Lid Airtight as a Storage Container with Tight Lid Feature

Maintains the Same Freshness of Food

In addition, it is suitable for carrying your food such as food, soup, puree or fruit without leaking and airtight.

Tupperware Ilk Kabım Set
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