Tupperware Water Freezer Ice Cream Set - 3 Pcs modular container

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  • Tupperware Water Freezing Set Set of 3 Contents
  • 1 x 2.1 liter 1 x 1.3 liter 1 x 500 ml Tupperware's angular storage containers, water-proof lids and modular design are with you everywhere at home, at work, on the beach You can also safely store and carry juicy dishes * In outdoor activities, the food you put inside is not exposed to water, sand or moisture * Thanks to its special cover, it prevents the mixing of odors in the refrigerator IN THE REFRIGERATOR
  • Cheese, olives, mayonnaise, salami, sauce, sliced ​​fruit, baby food, onion-garlic/scented food, all kinds of food ON THE COUNTER
  • Small candies, chocolate, tea bags, coffee, salt, spices, sugar IN THE KITCHEN Fridge
  • Dry herbs, spices, chocolate, dried fruits, walnuts, breakfast cereals, biscuits, flour, sugar, rice, nuts, etc. can be stored.
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Tupperware Su Dondurma Seti
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