Tupperware Special Square 2.6 Liter modular Storage Container


** Tupperware Special Square 2.6 Liter Width: 18 Cm Length: 18 Cm Height: 12 Cm.

** It is a product for transportation and storage purposes. Hasgul Trade.

** Thanks to the large volume of the Tupperware Special Square, it is ideal for storing the foods that you use a lot.

** Thanks to the transparent cover, you can see the food inside without opening the cover.

** Ideal for Storing Foods such as Tea, Sugar, Flour, Bulgur, Dry Legumes on the Counter or on the Kitchen Shelf.

** There will be no infestation or worming in the foods you store in the special frame.

** You can remove the cover and wash it easily.

** Your Kitchens Are Now More Practical, More Stylish With The Special Square With Easy-Open Cover Structure.

Tupperware Oval Modüler Saklama Kabı 4 Lt
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