Tupperware Eco Oyster Nutrition Set (black) Sandwich-Box Lonch box WITH COMPARTMENTS


Eco Bottle Drinker 1 lt Easy Cover • Can be placed on the refrigerator door. • It is suitable for use at home, in sports, at school, at work. • Supports daily water consumption, helps you protect your health. • It protects the nature by being reusable. • It is an easy cover. • Its volume is 1 lt. • Not recommended for use in deep freezer. • BPA free • Not suitable for the storage of hot and carbonated drinks. G70 - Lunch Box Practical carrying solution: 22,4 * 15 * 5 cm Features: You can easily carry your sandwich and beverage with you.

It takes up little space in your bag by packing everything together.

Its hard cover protects the food inside.

Thanks to its partition, you can adjust the interior according to your needs.

There is no risk of spontaneous opening during transportation.

You can store the food inside at two different levels thanks to its intermediate compartment.

Tupperware compartment lunch box is made of the highest quality and healthy material. You can use it as a lunch box or as a storage container if you wish.

In the product information in the catalog, the volume, that is, how many liters it is, is not written. However, the green lunch box is specified as 1 liter. The dimensions of green nutrition are 25.5 * 15.5 * 5.5 cm. As can be seen from these dimensions, the volume of the product is around 1 liter.

Thanks to its anti-bacterial feature, it does not contain microbes and prevents the reproduction of harmful microbes.

It does not contain the chemical component BPA, namely Bisphenol-A, which has been found to have negative effects on the hormonal balance.

It guarantees long-term use with its durable structure that does not easily crack and break.

It is easy to clean, you can wash it by hand or in your dishwasher.

Tupperware Beslenme Kutusu+eko Şişe Suluk 1lt
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