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Karaca X Çırağan Palace Shop Set of 2 Turkish Greek Coffee , Espresso Cups , Arabic Cups 90 ml

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Product description

Bringing the important values ​​of Turkey to the world in the Çırağan Palace and collections, where luxury, nobility and history come together in a magnificent splendor, Karaca has signed a magnificent partnership. This unique collection, which is inspired by the peacock, one of the figures that left a mark in Ottoman art, and the tulip, one of the most important motifs in history, in the logo of Çırağan Palace Shop, the online shopping site of Çırağan Palace, brings the splendor of the Çırağan Palace to the tables. . Karaca x Çırağan Palace Shop Coffee Cup Set for 2, which is one of the valuable pieces of this elite collection that brings together the peacock that has preserved its magnificence for centuries, and real pearls that dazzle with its elegance, brings real pearl elegance and the splendor of Çırağan Palace to presentations. This special set, which includes 2 coffee cups and 2 saucers, is waiting for those who want to crown their presentations with a magnificent elegance.

Karaca X Çırağan Palace Shop Set of 2 Coffee Cups 90 ml

Set Content

2 Coffee Cups 90 ml

2 Pieces Saucers

Material: Fine Pearl

It is suitable for washing in the dishwasher.

Karaca X Çırağan Palace
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