Tupperware Kitchen Pearl ( Citrus Juicer )


** Tupperware Kitchen Pearl is a product for preparation and storage.

** Tupperware Kitchen pearl consists of 5 pieces. Body, Lid, Citrus Juicer, Star Grater and Egg Separator

**COVER: You can position the cover (fully open, fully closed and middle) in 3 different ways.

** CITRUS JUICER: You can squeeze foods such as lemons and oranges with the citrus juicer. Thanks to its wide grooves, the juice of the fruit easily flows into the container under it.

** STAR GRATER: You can grate foods such as orange and lemon peel with a star grater, or you can use it for grating chocolate. Its wide grooves are non-clogging and easy to clean.

** EGG SEPARATOR: The egg separator is suitable for eggs of all sizes. While the white part of the egg flows into the container, the yolk stays in the upper part.

Tupperware Mutfak İncisi ( Narenciye Sıkacağı )
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